Lets talk about Pets baby!

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Hello World,

Gemma here, Lead Designer at GLB Graphics.

Let’s talk about Pet Portraits! These are quickly becoming one of the most popular selling items in the weird and wonderful world of Graphic Designs. Here at GLB Graphics, we never EVER say no to a cute pet picture. No matter how strange your request may be, we love the ideas you have in your mind and bringing them to life. Want your cats head put on a Cowboy riding a horse? Consider it DONE!

Late last night, while I was tossing and turning in bed my mind wandered off to the subject of Pet Portraits. What is it about our little babies that makes us want to put their heads on human beings bodies, and not just any bodies…usually bodies that are doing weird things. Is it because we love them SO MUCH we consider them the same as us or we want to match their pet-onalities (play on personalities) to a body that best describes them and their actions. Or is it simply because it is hilarious to see an animals head edited and blended well onto a body? Either way, I love it. I think it’s funky and something a little different and that’s what we are all about here at GLB Graphics.

However, if the weird body look isn’t your style, we also offer a more classic view. I call this the traditional portrait. These designs take time and a lot of effort and love goes into finalising the purrrfect piece for you. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds, colours and fonts – your choices are almost limitless. These photos look beautiful especially when printed onto an 8×8 Glass Premium Photo Tile. Anytime I look at my traditional pet portrait of my puppy my heart bursts with love. These styles are a perfect fit for any family tree collection you have hanging up.

Contact us today if you would like a precious keepsake created featuring your smallest best friend.

Below you will see one of my favourite cat edits that was designed and printed on to a mug for a birthday gift and a very beautiful pet portrait created by myself featuring my very own little chocolate Labrador puppy, my Lucy-Loo.

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